* Property insurance rates have increased 5.2% per year over the past 10 years. Based on this average increase in rates over the life of your roof, you can expect to save as much as $50,000.  This is based on using the average premium in Texas in 2011, of $1511 per year and a 35 year lifespan of a 50 year impact resistant shingle.

This is savings in premiums alone. If you are able to avoid having to replace
your roof due to future hailstorms, you will be able to avoid paying future deductibles that may double or triple over the next 35 years.

Finally, an impact resistant shingle is a great selling point for your home.  The warranty is transferable, along with all the discounts.
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Save from 10 to 35% year on a class 4 Roof.  This is up $50,000 in savings over the life of the roof.*  Contact us and we can project your savings based on your address and location.

“Every year, thousands of homeowners lose their roofs to hail and wind damage,” said State Farm’s Stanton. “We now know that Class 4 materials offer some of the best long-term roof protection available to homeowners.”

Though impact resistant shingles cost more, they pay for themselves over the long term. “These products cost ten to twenty percent more than comparable weight, non-impact resistant roofing products,” said Ron Bacon, the Property & Casualty Loss Mitigation administrator for State Farm.

“Hailstones damage asphalt roof shingles by knocking their granular covering loose,” said Texas A&M engineering professor, Dr. Milton Smith. “Once enough granules are knocked off, the shingles’ underlying asphalt is exposed. Then sunlight deteriorates the asphalt and water enters the house.”

“Wind and hail-related roofing damage is a national problem,” said Jack Stanton, State Farm Insurance Company’s Loss Mitigation coordinator. “Last year, property insurance carriers spent over $5 billion on wind and hail-damaged roof claims. The industry simply can’t sustain those losses indefinitely.” Stanton added that “raising premiums is one-dimensional and doesn’t involve the customer in the decision process.” Therefore, “property insurance carriers support roof loss mitigation, especially when it gives meaningful options to policyholders in preventing roof damage,” he said.

With ninety percent of hail is golf ball size or less, Class 4 roofs can save not only on monthly premiums, but costly deductibles.  With most insurance companies moving from 1 to 2 percent deductibles, with some even higher, in the future, insurance customers may be paying for most of their own roof.

Consider Archer County, Texas resident Carl Matlock’s experience with a Class 4 roof. “I don’t think about storms anymore. I just let it hail.”


Class 4 Roof Discounts
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